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خانه محصولاتNail Art Machine

10.2'' LED Touch-Screen 8GB usb disk diy OEM Lexmark ink printer patent online 2 years 3d metal nail art decoration

چین Shenzhen UV Nail Lamp Co.,Ltd. گواهینامه ها
چین Shenzhen UV Nail Lamp Co.,Ltd. گواهینامه ها
I want to say that your products very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service.

—— Mr Abílio Cipriano

Good quality,Good price,Good service!

—— Emma simankovich

Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know you.

—— Mr Johnifere

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10.2'' LED Touch-Screen 8GB usb disk diy OEM Lexmark ink printer patent online 2 years 3d metal nail art decoration

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nail printer machine


nail printing machine


nail printing machinery


2013 New arrival style for Nail Painter Machine,10.2'' LED Touch-Screen, built-in pc Windows XP System,Multifunctional nail art Printer machine. you never see so many functions in one.5 Finger-nails one time.

It can print 5pcs natural nails and 12pcs Artificial nails one time,also it can pirnt on flower,fruit,selfphone etc...can you see such a style in the market?


1)Color drawing 5-Natural nails one time,12 Artificial Nails one time(new function).

2)Built-in Computer.( 10.2’’ Touch Screen),1.66G double-core CPU.Pre-Load Print Software.

3)Print on Rose, Fruit, Mobile, Egg Etc…

4Plug Power it can use instantly. very convenient to use. No need to install any software again,4 USB Parts for load more customized photos in computer.

5)it support to play Video or Picture, it can attract commercial advertiser to put Ads on it.

6)DIY nail printer,you can print nail art by yourself,same time enjoy favorate Music and Vedio.

7)With 8GB recover system USB disk ,can easy reinstall system.

Why you need buy from us?

1.Wholesale price very cheapest.

Our nail printer in brazil sell 5000$,in Japan sell 4000$,in France sell 2500euros(4000$),USA 3000$ now

2.Support online 2 years

3.Easy buy Accessories of nail printer from us

4.Can do OEM for you

5.Many model you can select

6.Only our machine use Lexmark ink printer,it is high quality(all nail printer use lexmark printer from 2004) easy buy cartridge in your country. (Pay attention:use HP printer can't buy HP802 cartridge over the world!)

7.7-24online best service.

8.With China patent

Tech-Parameter :

Input Voltage:AC110—240V Power:50W

Nail printer Meas:45*32*28cm Net Weight:15KG

Packing Meas:65*55*45cm Gross Weight:18kg

Volume Weight :21kgs(For air express reference)

Package include:

1 User Guide

1 color Ink Cartridge (lexmark 27)

2 bottles of Special Pre Coat

2 bottles of protect nail oil

2 bottles of white nail oil

2 hand mold(five fingers)

1 English demo VCD with the 8G USB recover system disk(Gift).

1 tools for nailart.

1 nail gallery book

above info is just for reference, for more info, please contact us

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