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Pretty Pearls 3D Caviar Nail Art Colorful Artificial Nail Tips For Salon

چین Shenzhen UV Nail Lamp Co.,Ltd. گواهینامه ها
چین Shenzhen UV Nail Lamp Co.,Ltd. گواهینامه ها
I want to say that your products very good. Thank you for all your suggestion, also good after sales service.

—— Mr Abílio Cipriano

Good quality,Good price,Good service!

—— Emma simankovich

Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know you.

—— Mr Johnifere

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Pretty Pearls 3D Caviar Nail Art Colorful Artificial Nail Tips For Salon

چین Pretty Pearls 3D Caviar Nail Art Colorful Artificial Nail Tips For Salon تامین کننده
Pretty Pearls 3D Caviar Nail Art Colorful Artificial Nail Tips For Salon تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  Pretty Pearls 3D Caviar Nail Art Colorful Artificial Nail Tips For Salon

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Place of Origin: China
نام تجاری: Gude
گواهی: MSDS,SGS
Model Number: Pearl 3D fake nail
Sampling time: 5~7 days
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full cover nails


summer nail art


Beautiful Caviar Nail Art Pink Glass Pearl Nail Cover For Adult



Quick Detail:


Name Pearls 3D fake nails Application For finger
Color Pink white Feature Pearls 3D nails
Material ABS plastic Packing 24PCS / BOX





> 1. Pink glass caviar on full cover

> 2. Newest and beautiful design for Adult

> 3. Mixed color of pearls available

> 4. Different size of pearls available

> 5. Suitable for wedding ,party etc

> 6. OEM or ODM available

> 7. 100% imported nail glue and high quality by our specilist PIQC and QC

> 8. 100% environmentally friendly materials and got MSDS certificate



How to apply the fake nails?


1. Remove any nail polish. Clean & Dry natural nails.

2. Gently push back cuticles with manicure stick.

3. Select the false nail size that most closely match each of your own nails. If necessary, file the false nails at the sides and cuticle end.



How to move the fake nails?


Dissolve false nails by soaking in an Artificial Nail

Remover or Acetone DO NOT USE FORCE. Any glue left on natural nails can be removed with Glue Remover.





1. Lightly buff natural nail surface to remove shine. Do not over buff.

2. Note: Read opening instructions on glue bottle before use.

Place o drop of glue to underside of the false nail and spread with nozzle.

3. Position and press down firmly onto your own nail close to but not touching the cuticle. Hold for a few seconds until fixed.

4. False nails can be filed and painted with polish just like real nails but use an acetone free polish remover.

5. Nails can be worn for about a week. Wait for a few hours or overnight before re-applying.





KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Glue bonds to skin instantly. If this occurs, do not pry apart. Use acetone polish remover to separate using caution not to come into contact with artificial nail. Do not use on sore or infected nails or cuticles. Keep away from heat or open flame.





Style: Caviar Nail Art
Glue Imported glue
Material ABS
Color Pink
Application For finger



Why to choose our fake nails?

  1. We are direct manufacturers, Not trade company
  2. We has over 10 years of experience in accessories industry
  3. Specilist PIQC and QC to be best quality
  4. Delivery date on time
  5. Strong ability of development and design
  6. Reasonable and negotiation price


Communication with customers


A: Hello, Can you help me ? Have you a MSDS report for your product ?

B: Dear, We are Gude accessory factory in china. Pleasure to help you. Yes, we have the MSDS report. We can send the MSDS report to you if you requested.

A: well , hows that for quality control in your factory?

B: we have specilist PIQC, QC to inspection the material when material come back and inspection the cargo when we production

A: thats good to hear


A: Which shipping partner is available to US?

B: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS are okay. Which shipping cost is cheaper and speed is good, i will suggestion to you. 3-4 days can arrive US.


A: How long time for sampling ?

B: 5 - 7 Days is okay.


A: Great, TKS. Do it.



Packing :



Facotry View:



Sales Market:


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