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خانه محصولاتNatural Skin Toner

NMF Multi-Vitalizing Toner(moisturizing series)

کیفیت خوب Acrylic Nail System برای فروش
کیفیت خوب Acrylic Nail System برای فروش
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NMF Multi-Vitalizing Toner(moisturizing series)

چین NMF Multi-Vitalizing Toner(moisturizing series) تامین کننده
NMF Multi-Vitalizing Toner(moisturizing series) تامین کننده

تصویر بزرگ :  NMF Multi-Vitalizing Toner(moisturizing series)

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: ShanDong,China(Mainland)
نام تجاری: Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF)
Model Number: Toner
Minimum Oeder Quantity: 1 bottle
Supply Aility: 1000 bottles/month


قیمت: $10~15
Packaging Details: 120ml
Delivery Time: prompt delivery after the order
Payment Terms: T/T
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات

Main components

Placental extract, HA, Glycerol, Heparin sodium, SIG, Deionized water, Hydrogenated castor oil-40, Essence etc.


NMF softener is a comprehensive anti-aging lotion instantly provides hydration and effective ingredients to challenge signs of skin aging. Newly adding kinds of active moisturizing agent, fresh and soft, to quickly replenish moisture for deep skin, improve skin health, nourish skin, quickly relieve water-shortage phenomenon of deep skin, and bring limitless vigor for skin, to help delay the natural signs of aging by maintaining the longevity and activity of stem cells in the skin. Simultaneously, retinol stimulates new cell turnover and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With kinds of ingredients to purify complexion and maintain healthy luster for skin, it rebalances and rehydrates skin while neutralizing surface impurities. It is a replenishing prep step that combats hormonal aging and helps moisturize and balance the skin. Make skin moisturized, strong, healthy, youthful and shiny. Furthermore, it keeps skin soft, soothed, and perfectly prepared for the products that follow.

For people For any skin type, especially for dry, dull and wrinkle skin

to use After washing face, take a good amount of product on face and neck, gently pat till absorbed.

Save Please put it in a cool dry place.

executive standard QB/T2660-2004

Net content 120ml

Expiration dates 3 years

Production date Under the bottle

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